Happy Turkey Day

I've never celebrated Thanksgiving in the traditional way. Another event, much more personal to my family, always takes precedence. Thanksgiving typically falls around my parent's wedding anniversary--and this year it's their 39th.

My siblings and I always commemorate my parent's wedding anniversary with gifts for both my mother and father. Weeks before the big day an e-mail chain is started by one of us with the usual questions: Do we want to go in on a present together? What will that present be? This year, Mom is getting a digital camera (She's been hinting); and Dad is getting an iPod.

Because some of us are married, have other obligations, and have differing views of faith and religion, we don't always get together for Christmas or New Years. My parent's anniversary has always been our family holiday. None of us miss the occasion.

Together, Mom and dad prepare some down home Greek cooking. We sit and stuff our faces. We talk over each other. We drink cheap Riunite Lambrusco -- my dad's favorite wine.We fight over the last of the Feta and Kalamata olives. We listen to music, dance around the house, and play cards. We reminisce about the times when we all lived in one house together and are always amazed that no one ended up dead (or at least injured) after all those years.

This may all sound very ordinary to you, but for my family, these moments are always the most special. Regardless of whether you commemorate, traditionally or not my wish is that you have a most special Thanksgiving Day. And do have an extra helping of turkey and stuffing for me because I won't be seeing it on my family table.

I'll see you again on Monday!


sethro said...

You know, that's actually pretty damned cool. Uniqueness rocks in a day and age where everyone seems to blend in.

Have a great holiday

queenofsass said...

Yes, it does tend to be bedlam when all of you are together and the card games are always vicious. Cheers!

utenzi said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents and Thanksgiving to you and yours, Diane. Since the turkey is indigenous to this continent it's no surprise that it would not be central in a Greek feast, but what is the central dish? Or is it a group of equal dishes? In any case, have a great time!

evercurious said...

SOunds like a blast. I hope you all have fun and that they have many more years of wedded bliss. I hope I have a 39th wedding anniversary one day. (Kinda, but don't tell anyone.)

Xavierism said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to share moments with the family!

Happy Thanksgiving!


The Door Steward said...

Happy Thanksgiving, something we don't celebrate in the UK!

The Door Steward said...
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