Weekend in Review

It's the Monday morning after a 4-day weekend. I sit here staring at a blank piece of paper without a clue as to how to fill it. I feel a sense of obligation to complete this task. And, I want my effort to be a worthy one. But how does someone come up with an interesting post when there is nothing to say?

I review the long holiday weekend in the hope of finding something to write about.

Thursday - - I already posted about the untraditional Thanksgiving tradition at my family home. And, true to my words, Thursday unfolded just as predicated. With a full and happy belly, I was asleep by 8:30pm. Obviously, there was nothing to post about from my Thursday. Been there; done that.

Friday - - Did anything post-worthy happen on Friday? Hmm... Well, I made the three-hour trek home from my parents, and then worked at the pub in the evening. Nope, nothing there.


There was that incident after work, which ended in my dancing on the bar in front of staff and customers. But, I just couldn't write about this, could I? What would you think of me after hearing of such an embarrassing series of events? Do I risk it?

No way!!

Saturday - - Brunch with Vin. Afterwards, with my body still punishing me for Friday's mistake(s), I stayed in bed all day and finished watching Lost on DVD. I am stunned that Boone died! Who the hell captured Walt? How am I going to catch up on Season two? I can't just pick it up mid-season. This is a serious issue in my life at the moment. I'm addicted to Lost and I need my fix.

Sunday- -From 11a-3:30p on Sunday, Vin and I went on a rescue and recovery mission for his Mazda. It died on him a good 40 minutes from where he lives. As I followed a safe distance behind, Vin drove his car for about 2 miles and then would stop and let it cool because of overheating. Despite my attempts to reason with him, Vin didn't want to spend the money to have the Mazda towed. So, for 5.5 hours, we repeated the process--drive 2 miles, pull off the road, wait for 15 minutes, drive again. I've never been so happy to make it to the mechanic's shop in all my life!

Sunday night, as a reward for the help (and patience), Vin bought all the parts and gave my car a complete tune-up as I cooked dinner. Although I am still uncertain about our long-term potential, for the here and now, it feels good to take care of someone and be taken care of in return. I'll worry about our future tomorrow.

The weekend as a whole was completely uneventful and ordinary. On this dreary Monday, I can only hope that the week brings more excitement. After all, there is another blank piece of paper in my future. And I still feel the obligation of a post-worthy story to share. Today's post just didn't live up to my expectations.


utenzi said...

Let's go back to Friday night and review that dance a little...

As for Lost, Diane, I don't think you have to worry all that much. There'll be at least 4 repeats in the next month as the holidays unfold and the midseason shows fold. Just tape them and watch them in order and you'll catch up!

Vin said...

Diane, I regret to tell you are wrong about some info. My car is NOT a Mazda, it is a Malibu, which is worse. Also, it was not for 5.5 hours, it was just 2.5 hours.

Like I said... we are even. Remember dance afterwards. (Do not worry, just between you and me)

I am with Utenzi, you may say something more about your catwalk dance skills.

Diane Mandy said...

Ok, Vin... we started at 11a and we didn't make it back till 3:30p. So, including traveling time up there (and a break for lunch) it was more like a 4-hour journey. But, you're right baby. Afte what I put you through Friday night, we are more than even. Thanks for helping me. :-)

Diane Mandy said...

and I'll practice those dance moves with you... but only if you promise to stay off my blog. ;-)

Vin said...

Uhhh!! Baby. What is happening with your mind?

We have been practicing this movements since a while back. I wonder now why you drove like a Grandma yesterday.

Anyway, your highness you win. I will not write again unless you are wrong in something... huggs and kisses...

SincereCaramel said...

Omigosh! Vin reads your blog! I know those $55 dollars to tow is hard on a girl. But a Malibu? Shouldn't those still run? It's not that old.

Mister Hand said...

You can also download LOST to your IPOD now at a cost of $1.99 per episode.

You SHOULD tell more about the drunken frolicking on the bar, though.

Diane Mandy said...

Yes, Dear Sincere, he is an avid reader. He's the first serious relationship that was given access to the blog. Here is what happened and why, in case your interested. Still not sure if I made a mistake or not. Time will tell.

Mr H - I'm still trying to forget my Friday night escapade. Let's not bring it up again. ;-)

sethro said...

Diane, I think I understand your post now, and yes, you read correctly.

That said, I commend you on giving Vin access to your blog. I, for one, refuse to do the same with my partner(s).