Because I'm Worth it

This month I feel the pinch of living on a budget. My guess is that many of you, in the throes of Christmas present, are feeling the pinch as well.

I don't like it, I tell you. I don't like it at all.

Probably the biggest annoyance with living on a budget is that I actually have to think about what I purchase, what invitations I accept, and how I go about my day to day existence.

Generally, such decisions for me were based solely on my emotion. Do I want this or don't I? Is this how I choose to spend my precious fee time or not? But, not this month... I have to look ahead and plan in advance. I have to weigh and balance my wants and needs. It's the classic debate between quality and quantity.

But...I want it ALL!!! What's wrong with that?

Before I bought my house, signing my life away to Bank of America, my life was oh- so different. I only rented a room. I paid no utilities. I had no car payment, and no children or college funds. As a result, I spent my income like any high-maintenance, just divorced , down and out, woman would... on me, me, me.

And even today, perusing five closets, brimming with clothes and shoes, I still think each is worth every penny (so long as I can fit into them). I look at old scrapbooks and the many photographs of at all the trips in the last two year and I still feel happy for the experiences.

But, deep inside, I know it wasn't very practical. And, it wasn't very smart -- practicing the "carpe diem" philosophy of finance management.

So here I am-- inside a condo with a thermostat set at 69 degrees, a refrigerator that actually boasts a little food and lots of alcohol (as opposed to going out for lunch and dinner every day), and I smile. It ain't that bad having pitched a stake in the ground. I like having a place to call my own. So, it's worth every Victoria Secret catalog I throw away before perusing. It's worth turning a blind eye to the stores full of sales

...for now.


KOM said...

Besides, handing over a couple of hundred thousand dollars should be the ultimate shopping high, right? Buy a house, no desire to shop for the rest of your life.

Well, it worked for me.

The Door Steward said...

Diane is becoming all wise with the income...very smart indeed. I'm impressed, I thought you single women do lunch every day over a glass of wine and buy $400 shoes every week? That's why they invented ebay!

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Very open post Diane. Most everyone I know juggles the bills the month of December. Having your own space though, it is worth it.
Hang in there, the month won't last forever. ;-)


utenzi said...

Being practical, Diane? I suspect there's a punch line coming. I'll wait for it....

sethro said...

I sympathize. Between vet visits, spaying, and obedience classes, I think my puppy is costing me somewhere in the neighborhood of $700. Not exactly what I wanted to do, right before the holidays. That said, its no trip to China ;)