Seasonal Depression

Every morning at 7am, I have a date with Matt Lauer of the Today Show. With a cup of coffee in hand, all snuggled up in bed, I am prepped and ready for my favorite guy to tell me just what transpired in the world while I slept the night away.

One particular morning, Matt decided to offer me insight on the symptoms of seasonal depression. I mistakenly thought Matt was speaking of this holiday season and listened intently to the program. If we're speaking of holiday season depression, I suffer from the affliction.

In a lot of ways, I feel fortunate. I'm not frantically searching the malls for a perfect gift for that special someone. My condo is not littered with a dried-out, shedding tree. The monthly electric bill has not skyrocketed because of all those extra lights. Really, for all practical purposes, a single person feels very little stress this time of year.

So, why the holiday blues? Why do I stare longingly at Norman Rockwell prints? Why do I get teary-eyed with every Hallmark card commercial? Why, when I hear Bing Crosby sing "I'll Be Home For Christmas," do I wish it were someone singing for me?

We all know why.

I'm not desperately lonely, mind you. You won't catch me purposefully hovering under the mistletoe or throwing back the spiked eggnog until my nose is as red as Rudolph's. Although, with the mood I am in, I just may sit longingly on Santa's lap whispering in his ear, "Come on, Santa. With all those elves you employ, am I to believe that you don't know anyone that's eligible?" Hell, at this point, I'd date Scrooge.

For singles, no matter what your background or how much your try to ignore it, the holidays can be tough going. You make it through December 25th unscathed, but less than a week later comes New Year's Eve. (Which begs the question--who scheduled these holidays anyway?)

Forget Christmas blues; New Year's Eve is is the worst. I dread that moment on December 31 when the clock strikes midnight. Even if I'm not at home watching Dick Clark, I am still looking on as couples usher in the New Year, while I lock lips with a champagne bottle. If I am really lucky, I'm getting jiggy with a noise maker.

"Should old acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?"

When your single, the answer is a resounding YES!

Forunately, just like the holidays, my bout with seasonal depression will soon pass. Then I can focus on the year ahead complete with my ever-growing list of New Year's resolutions. Matt, my favorite guy, will be there cheering me on. And I'll be watching the perfectly-timed series, "Take it Off with Today" just in time for...err..uh...

Valentines Day.

Boo, hiss, and Bah Humbug! Can't I take a holiday from the holidays?


Steph said...

You mean to say I'm not alone? These feelings are normal? Whew! I was about to engage in "light therapy" for Seasonal Affective Disorder...or commonly known by its very fitting acronym: SAD. I find myself scrunching up my face at the many happy couples who giggle and cuddle as they prance through the city...Only 2 more weeks of this and it's over. Happy Holidays!

JustJunebug said...

i stumbled across your blog! love it! love the pink! love matt lauer/Today show too!! i saw that episode as well..

queenofsass said...

News flash: you were married to Scrooge--not once, but twice.