The Sexiest Man Alive

I know this is old news and little late to be talking about, but it's my blog. I get to write about what is on my mind.

I visited my doctor yesterday. While waiting in the lobby, I started reading People magazine's choice for the Sexiest Man Alive. For the 12 of you who didn't know, People magazine proclaimed Matthew McConaughey as the winner of its annual addition.


I am left scratching my head at the selection. I saw Sahara (on DVD). Matthew McConaughey is ok, and I love his little Southern drawl. But is he Sexiest Man Alive material? I think not.

But if not Mr. McConaughey, then who? The question bugged me enough to want to investigate.

I polled some women friends at lunch about their choice for the sexiest man alive. I received some of the typical answers you might expect with the likes of Pitt and Clooney topping the list. I even heard some not so typical responses -- Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler (something to do their mouths). Yet with all of the choices thrown my way, none of these men really do it for me.

I spent last night thinking about who I would really consider the Sexiest Man Alive. Because of my history with Latin men, I went through the list of my favorite Latin artist, but didn't come up with a single name. Then, out of the blue, it hit me.

Jon Stewart

Oh my God! Just thinking about the man makes my toes curl. He's smart and witty, but not in an intimidating sort of way. He's sophisticated, yet not pretentious. And, although not in a classic sense, he is very, very cute. Wow.

The Daily Show is the only show programmed on my DVR. And not surprisingly, I watch Jon Stewart before I go to bed. Suddenly, I am making the association between Jon Stewart and my recent bout with insomnia-- too many senses are stimulated and this is why I just have't been able to sleep. Well, there is only one solution for that...

but I digress.

Yep. Jon Stewart, my vote for next year's Sexiest Man Alive.

You're choice, ladies?


utenzi said...

I'm with you on McConaughey, Diane, but my girlfriend is with People Magazine. Go figure. Personally I wish he'd change his last name to something easier to spell!

On the other hand, Jon Stewart????? I just can't see that choice at all, Diane. I'm curious to see what the others think.

TamWill said...

I was very excited upon receiving my people magazine, realizing that they agreed with me!!

Matthew McConaughey is HOT! It is difficult to watch a movie with him in it, too distracting!

John Travolta is also a hottie, along with Will Smith! I was a little hurt that Roger Clemens was not listed anywhere!

queenofsass said...

In a word: Xavier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew is okay, Jon is a strange choice unless you are speaking of intellectual sexiness.

I would love to do a little drooling on Will Smith...the man can make me laugh.

JustJunebug said...

yeah i think MM was a good choice actually...the man is seriously sexy..imho anyway..that drawl and the fact that hes so well, a man, makes me go nuts.

however, i do have a soft spot for the likes of Jon Stewart myself...and also that guy on msnbc..cant recall his name right now..the news guy, blond hair..damn now i will have to go find him..

aka senior advisor said...

I'm with you Diane. Not gettin' the whole MM thing, although he wasn't too bad in the Wedding Planner.

But Jon Stewart -- I think there is something incredibly sexy about a man who can speak knowledgeably about a variety of subjects, who has a keen interest in learning, and who can make you laugh, sometimes so hard that you are brought to tears. In fact, there's someone we both know who would fit that bill quite nicely!

The Venus said...

I don't care for MM. I'm Southern and I think his accent is a bit put on personally. Not totally fake, just exaggerated a little.

Jon Stewart doesn't do a thing for me either. But I've never watched any show he's on so that could be why.

I'd have to say I'm in the Steven Tyler camp. He seems a bit egomanical, but he does have charisma. I'd be one of those ladies on that Sony camera commercial where they are all scrambling to take a picture of him when he walks in the restaurant.

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

I used to be in to musicians as sexy. When I was a teen I had a scrapbook of Steven Tyler. That mouth, and those eyes. (Bad boy sexy!)

As I've aged, give me a man with brains and a sense of humor! But what comes to mind is Vincent Donefrio, (spelling?) but his character on Law and Order CI. That of Detective Robert Gorham! Mmmmmm... yep, that's my sexiet man alive! ;-)

Want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Diane! I hope Santa brings you exactly what you want this year!



Xavierism said...

That Queenie...she's a crack up! Guess I need to send her a check in the mail!

Have a fabulous time, Miss Diane!

Merry Christmas to YOU!!!


Diane Mandy said...

So, Xav... who would your vote for sexiest man be??

evercurious said...

I love MM. He has a perfect body, dimples, nice ass, plays the bongos naked, comes from TX. He makes me want to melt.

On the other hand, Jon Stewart is very hot. I have had a little crush on him for a while. He introduced me to my current boyfriend, Stephen Colbert. I think he is so hot in this nerd way. I just want to rip his glasses off and pull him around by his tie and... talk politics.

I also like Bill Maher and it makes my mom sick. I wonder if Junebug was talking about Anderson Cooper? He's very sexy. I don't know what it is about white hair that really gets me.

Those are just my intellectual crushes. If I listed them all we would be here for days!

I hope you have a great trip! I can't wait to read all about it.

zerodoll said...

Jon Stewart is totally hot! I know he has writers and all that but he is so funny and cute, slightly older, yum!