Until We Meet Again

I'm out of here until January 6, 2006.

As I've mentioned, my old childhood gal pal, The Queen of Sass, will be reigning over this site during my absence. I'm not sure what, if anything, she will do or post to my site. And, I won't find out until I return from China. Like many blogs, this site has been censored by the communist government.

If you or someone you know would be interested in submitting a guest post to this site, feel free to email it to dmandy_5@hotmail.com.

Sassy will go through the posts (if any) and upload them to this site. I always hoped that Martinis For One would be a community or team project. Unfortunately, I haven't had success in enlisting any of my friends to join the cause. (Yes, Senior Advisor and Fefi, I mean YOU). So, if anyone out there is interested in trying out this whole blogging phenomenon, without actually having to commit to a blog, here is your chance.

I will be journaling over the next two weeks and have set up an online trip journal (Or, go to mytripjournal.com. Click Search for a Website. Then, enter "chinadiana" on the first search line.) to document the adventures. This trip journal has a better chance of making past Chinese censors. It also features a message board. Drop me a line if you get a moment, but keep those comments clean, Mr. Hand-- my nieces will be keeping tabs on me through the site.

But if by chance I have a story that rates over a PG, I'll email Sassy. She'll post here. Who knows what might transpire? I have no expectations and am open to whatever and whoever comes my way.

One final request: please do not submit my photo for display on any milk cartons during my extended absence. We don't need to be worrying my boss (who doesn't think I'll return) or my parents (who don't trust my judgment) unnecessarily.

Have a wonderful next couple weeks! See you on the other side!




Mister Hand said...

I don't think it's a good idea to be "open" to "anyone" who comes your way. Unless it's me of course.

Yes, I need an editor.

KOM said...

Happy trails! Bon voyage! See you la--

"Psst. Sassy, she's gone. We can wheel in the keg!"

Xavierism said...

I'll bring the pizza and martinis!, Kom!!!!!!!!!


sethro said...

Have a great trip, Diane!


Yi lu shun feng!