I battled the forces of evil (in the form of whatever that virus was) and emerged victorious! However, I lost the war on another front--my budget. January had been a very good month in as far as keeping my spending allowance in check. I thought for sure February, being the shortest month of the year, would follow in the fiscally-responsible trend.

I thought wrong.

The evil temptation this time? Two, very chic, leather chairs in a retro shade of green and a hand-blown glass lamp with a burnt orange lamp shade. I couldn't help myself. Paired with a steel and wood bookcase, I pictured the entire ensemble arranged on my top floor penthouse suite. This top floor was the only room left unfinished, waiting for just the perfect furniture to compliment it. Like everything else I purchase, I know it when I see it. And, my eyes were popping out of my skull when I walked into the furniture store. Cha-Ching!

But it gets worse.

As my excitement grew the closer to delivery day, I began to wonder: How would I entertain myself as I sat on the leather chairs? I could read, but this seemed a little lackluster. I could sip a martini from the wet bar, but this activity was common place at my house. My green leather chairs and I needed a worthy partner for the fourth floor, preferable a cold-blooded companion who would speak or remain silent on command and who would be flexible depending on my mood. And since the floor had already been pre-wired for an LCD TV and speakers, it seemed a logical next purchase. If I was going to break my budget, I might as well do it in the Diane Mandy tradition--all the way.

And so I did.

I've been defeated--completely, totally, and utterly. But to be honest, DEFEATED has never felt so good.


utenzi said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch! Your budget must be in serious pain, Diane. Those items you bought don't sound inexpensive. Good luck with March!

I'm the flip side of the coin. I've been very, very good for 2 years budget wise and am about to start up a brokerage account. But soon I'll be spending a lot since my truck is 7 years old, desktop computer is 6 years old, laptop is 4 years old and digital camera is 3 years old. They all need replacing! Oy.

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Congratulations on having your brand new and completed room Diane!!! :-) It is a fantastic feeling to be able to look at a room you have completed to your satisfaction.


Senior Advisor said...

Defeat not only feels good, it looks great.

Your purchases really make that room -- I can't imagine better choices for that space.

Interior decorating in your future???

queenofsass said...

I am so glad you finally got around to furnishing "my room" at your house. I knew you would go back and buy that furniture...it is so you!