Yang and Yang?

A penny saved is a penny earned -- this from a man who flew a kite in a thunderstorm, who suggested the wild turkey as the national bird, and who invented the farmer's almanac for predicting the weather.

However, after surveying my credit card statement, I begrudgingly admit that Ben Franklin may have been right about this whole penny-pinching thing. Can you imagine what would have happen had I been Franklin's wife, with all of my spending ways? Yep. Franklin would have sent me out during the lighting storm as opposed to his kite. The world as we know it would not exist. We'd all be sitting in front of our LCDs in complete darkness and without electricity to power such devices. I guess it's a good thing Franklin and I never met. (Though I doubt I could have gotten past his hair style and fashion sense.)

So, it may shock you to learn that my ex-husband Dean was also a bit of a miser. Even more surprising? The fact that Dean's penny-pinching didn't bother me. We almost never fought about finances. Until he became manic, I knew that Dean was better at managing money and I grew to appreciate his skill. The way I saw it, Dean was the ying to my yang. We balanced each other out. And for this, we were better off.

But, what if I met another yang? What if I dated someone who loved spending as much as I do? What then? While I am sure I would benefit from and enjoy such a partner, we'd probably end up bankrupting each other during the courtship. So you know, this question isn't completely hypothetical. I am curious to see what you think


KOM said...

I'm a tightwad. I've always been aware of my money, and hoard it like a Tolkeinesque dragon.

Still, when I have the cash, I spend mad money on jewelry for the wife. I can't explain it - I'll get mad at her for spending $50 for a pair of shoes, then I'll blow 10x as much for a birthday present.

It all works out, I guess, in the end. After all, you can't take it with you.

utenzi said...

Tightwad here too. My girlfriend isn't. It makes for interesting observations from both sides of the money fence.

As for you, Diane, unless you have enough time in your schedule for a THIRD job, you'd best be careful for a while. Your redecorated 3rd floor sounded expensive!

By the way, I heard on the radio today coming into work that Hybernia in Raleigh is doing their head shaving for cancer thing this weekend.

Diane Mandy said...

Ah...the competition! Hmph! So, Utenzi, are you coming for my head shaving?

David said...

I think every ying needs a yang. Need your opposite to keep you in check. I dont like to spend money but my wife does. But then on the other hand when I do decide to spend money it is usually a major purchase so she claims all of her small spending sprees equal just one of mine. So maybe we are the same just express it differently???

queenofsass said...

You know my philosophy is "if you have it, spend it". I think you need to find a rich man for both of us!

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Ok, I'll answer your hypothetical with my own experiences. ;-)

Last husband was a tightwad who didn't like spending money to have a good time, or make the house look nice. (Although I had no problem in this area, quite the opposite)

My husband now? Loves to spend money as much as I do. And it was quite the balancing act in the beginning! I have become more prudent in my spending, since he seems to enjoy spending MORE than I do! (We have a lot of fun together) But we have learned that it is best for both of us, to have any savings taken out BEFORE we receive his check. And to NOT stick anything on credit cards that we don't find the money to pay it off within 6 mos.
After that we discuss all purchases and both try and balance each other out some, when one is possibly overspending. So in the end, I think it is possible for two "spenders" to make it OK, although extra money does tend to head out the door much faster!


PaintingLoft.com said...

I say; always surround yourself with people that you aspire to be. So buy a pic of Ben Franklin from me and you can be inspired to be tightwads with some back up!!
I painted this new painting of Ben Franklin for his 300th birthday. I donated it in the tightwads honor.

Diane Mandy said...

I may just have to to this, PL. I need all the encouragement I can to be a tightwad!