Charity starts at...

Max left today for a whirlwind, two-week business trip. He's a marketing manager for a large chemical corporation, which often requires extensive travel. But, this will be the longest we've been apart.

However, I'm not one to sulk around just because my man is missing. I've already planned many a night out with friends. Of course, Thursday is my BIG night--the much anticipated head shaving for St. Baldrick's. I hope there will be a nice group of friends to cheer me on. I will need their support (and maybe a good old shot of Irish Jagerbomb) to get me through. And, of course, I should have plenty of photographs of the head-shaving festivities to post come Friday morning. You, my blogging cohorts, will see me bald before Max does. Isn't technology a strange and wonderful thing?

Max has been very supportive of my involvement in St Baldrick's. The day I told him about my decision to shave my head, Max's only comment was, "Obviously this cause means a lot to you." Max understands sacrifice for worthy causes. His self-sacrificing spirit eclipses my own.

Max's charity work is one reason I admire him. He is a long-time volunteer for the Make-A-Wish foundation, which grants children with terminal illnesses their greatest wish. In fact, aside from a photograph of me, the only framed photo in Max's possession is of he and young boy that Max met through Make-A-Wish. Max had been involved in granting this young child his (as it sadly turned out) final wish.

Max works for other charitable causes as well. Because his family lives abroad, Max spends Thanksgivings volunteering at a local soup kitchen to feed the poor and homeless. He has also volunteered for the battered women's shelter. I find Max's generosity and hard work in behalf of others to be one of his sweetest and most admirable attributes. He has certainly motivated me to be more involved in the community. And obviously my local government agrees with my assessment because Max was recently awarded the "Commissioner’s award" in our county of residence because of his volunteer efforts.

Hopefully all of this goodwill works in my favor when Max finally sees me bald for the first time on April 3rd. I've been thinking that I should dress up in something sexy when I go to pick him up at the airport or when we have the inevitable official unveiling of the bare head. What do you think? Any suggestions?


utenzi said...

I hope you've enjoyed your last weekend (for a while) with hair, Diane. But as you say, it's for a good cause. It's great that Max understands and empathises with your goal here, Diane. It's impressive how much of his time he's willing to give to charitable causes. It's been quite a while since I've done anything similar.

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

You have yourself a wonderful man in Max, Diane! Kudos to the both of you!

I vote for a sexy dress, not too much but slightly bolder make-up. And of course your sparkling eyes and smile. Nothing is more beautiful than a woman enjoying new love! With, or without hair.

Looking forward to your post on the big day! I'm with you, in spirit Diane. It is a wonderful thing you're doing.