Don't be mean; be green!

For any bartender or waitress at an Irish pub, this is the week of all weeks. St Patrick's Day is Friday, March 17, and I am already loathing it.

My pub has scheduled me to work from 9:30a-3a on Friday, 5p-3a on Saturday, and 10a-9pm on Sunday. I can't even begin to tell you how exhausted I will be! I've already stocked up on Preparation H--to be used at bedtime as a remedy for swollen feet (a trick I picked up back in my dancing days).

For those of you planning to frequent an Irish pub this weekend, I say this. Yes--you'll wait 2 hours to even get into the pub. Yes--you will be annoyed by the grouchy man stuck in the leprechaun suit. Yes--it will take 30 minutes to get your $5 pint of green Guinness beer. But none of this will be the server's fault. So, please be kind to your waitresses and bartenders. They will have had their asses handed to them all weekend.

Happy St Patrick's Day!


senior advisor said...

Wishing you a weekend of easygoing customers and big tippers!

Happy St. Paddy's Day Diane!

utenzi said...

I suspect calling in sick isn't an option. :-) Good luck and may the laprechauns grant your wishes, Diane. Maybe even a gladiator as well.

TamWill said...

I wish you lots of green $$ :O)

Mike said...

Here's to hoping you have/had a great weekend. And wow...lot's of changes around here...it looks great.