It's just hair

In two more weeks, I will be bald. Every day I am reminded of this fact by a friend or coworker who asks about the date, my reasons, or how they can help support the cause. To be honest, I am more than a little nervous about this experience. With only two weeks left, the anticipation grows. I keep humoring myself by saying that I will have two whole months to play dress-up with my new wigs.

For those of you wondering, I ended up purchasing three wigs so far--a long blond, a medium-length brunette, and a short red-headed wig. This way, on any given day, I can be whichever Charlie's Angel I want to be-- Farrah, Jaclyn, or the other one! I picked styles and colors that are far different than what I currently sport. If I am going to be wigging it, I might as have some fun along the way.

Even though I made the informed decision to participate in St. Baldrick's, silly thoughts run through my head as I prepare for this event. For example, I spend a lot of time worrying about the process of washing my wigs. Just how washable are synthetic wigs anyway? Will the styles keep after washing? And if not, how do I style them? Since I can't use my blow dryer, how long will it take for my wigs to dry?

No longer is it a matter a jumping in the shower and washing my hair each morning. For at least two months, I will actually have to schedule washing and drying my various hairs. Then, when I inevitably tell a fellow that I can't go out with him that night because I have to "wash my hair"--I'll be totally serious. Yet, he'll think I'm just blowing him off.

I think about any upcoming appointments at the office and what sort of impression I'll be making with my daily wig of choice. I think about meeting new friends or even friends of friends. "I don't look like this in real life," I can hear myself saying. "In two months I'll be myself again."

I wonder what it will feel like to sleep on a bald head and whether it will itch as it grows out. I worry that I have some unknown dent in my head or a scary-looking mole. I wonder if I will have to forgo salsa dancing or miss riding in a car with the hood down. I wonder if my hair will be back in time for my 20th class reunion.

Then, I have dinner with my friend Faith, who is battling cancer. Or hear a news report about the loss of Dana Reeves.

It's just hair.

All my silly and obsessive thoughts are muted. I'm reminded of what's really important, how lucky I am, and how unfair this life can be. I'd certainly give up more than my hair if it would keep Faith here with her family and with me. And I wish that I really knew Charlie ,or anyone else who knew an angel or two, so that I could beg, barter, or do whatever it took to rid us of this burden called Cancer.


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Heart touching post Diane. Our friends and loved ones who battle that horrible disease sure put things into perspective for us.

I'll say my prayers for Fay.


utenzi said...

I don't know diddly squat about wigs, Diane, but since they don't have sebacious glands (not sure about that spelling) the wig-hair shouldn't get very oily. I doubt you'd need to wash the wigs very often. Maybe every 3 weeks, or even monthly since you'll probably be rotating the three you bought.

You might find this freedom from real hair so liberating you'll keep your head shaved permanently, Diane. Heaven forbid!

Diane Mandy said...

If I just had my day job, with a nonsmoking enviroment, this may be true. But wearing the wig all night at the pub...pee eww!

TamWill said...

All I can say is WOW I sure do admire you!

I lost my best friend Bobbie Jean to cancer, she was in her early 30's! I know how you feel about Fay, I will remember her in my prayers!

I think you are going to have fun with these wigs.

David said...

Well I think it is a very wonderful thing you are doing.