I think I've finally been hooked into a committed relationship-- with Katie the cat. How do I know? I've been spending time browsing the stores, not for that perfect spring outfit, but for a self-cleaning, odorless litter box and a cat door to be installed on the door leading out to the garage.

Have I lost my mind? Don't answer that, please.


JustJunebug said...

YAY for kitty cats!!!

i would lay down and just die if something ever happened to my Harley. dont worry, i know eventually something will. but i've had him for 13 years and holy heck...without him...i would be sadder than sad.

David said...

Well he is a pretty cat I guess.

senior advisor said...

I hope you and Katie will be very happy. A word of advice -- self-cleaning litter boxes are much more trouble than they are worth. The cleaning cycle will scare Katie, at least at first; and if there's a bit too much litter or it's a bit uneven, the box will run through endless cleaning cycles (which can burn up the motor). If this happens while you're at work, Katie has no place to pee, other than that fabulous Persian rug. And the items that Katie deposits in the litter box get caught in the raking mechanism and all sorts of nooks and crannies. The things are impossible to clean!

I'm done ranting. If I'd known you were in the market, you could have had ours. It landed in the dumpster a while back, after months of frustration. We're back to the old-fashioned litter box with a top. It is much cleaner, and me, Pekoe, and Sammy are much happier!