A love affair

You know a guy must be getting serious about you when he does one of three things: wants you to meet his friends, invites you to leave a few personal items at his home, or offers to lend you his convertible BMW while he travels on business.

My guy chose the latter.

That's right. Max turned over the keys of his BMW convertible to me on Sunday with a smile and the words, "Have fun." I couldn't be more thrilled. Though I must admit, I am having a little trouble figuring out how to operate the heated seats and satellite radio.

I've never been much of a car person, but driving "The Beemer" might just make me one. It's taken over the Saturn's rightful spot in my garage. In fact, my old, green 1997 Saturn with 180,000 miles looks even shabbier than it normally does.

I'm beginning to think that I might not be able to give the BMW back once Max returns in April.

I mean, really, isn't there some common law rule that applies to a couple whose been dating less than two months? No? Could I claim squatter's rights if I just move on into the car? The way I see it, Max would have to go to court to try and evict me from the BMW.

Now that is not a bad idea...

Of course, it doesn't help that Mother Nature chose this week to rain on my BMW parade. Here in the Southeast, we were experience a moderate drought until Max turned over the car keys. It's been cold and rainy ever since and the five-day forecast looks dreadful. In other words, it's too damp and cold for me to go topless. Headlights flashing or not, I want to go topless. I have to go topless in my BMW, err I mean, Max's BMW.

Yeah, this could get ugly.


JustJunebug said...

I would never ever own a convertible either, and had never driven one till last April.

While on assignment in San Luis Obispo, CA, for 6 weeks, I had the pleasure of driving a convertible Thunderbird. red.

in CA its almost a law to drive topless. it was fab.


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Have a great time Diane!
A man turning over his car while he is away? He's serious about you. (My husband still has't let me drive his car, and we've been married three years. Of course I don't know how to drive a stick shift, but that's besides the point)

You need a picture taken of you behind the wheel w/the top down. (If the rain clears up for you)


utenzi said...

It was nice today, Diane. I hope you were able to get out on the road in the convertible. At least this week you'll have the thrill of feeling the wind rush through your hair.

I agree with 3T. Max must be serious!