Is it really only hump day?

It's only Wednesday, but this has already been one tough week. I started my summer classes, which has helped to inspire my bad mood. If you ever want to see a model of inefficiency, visit your local college campus on Day 1 of a new semester. Sure, corporate America has its bureaucracy, but this pales in comparison to what faces students across the country. As I waited in one line after another to fill out forms and take those forms to offices in other buildings, I couldn't help but think that the B in B.S. really does stand for bureaucracy (or another, more appropriate euphemism) and that, maybe, this concept of red tape is rooted in academia.

Or, maybe I'm just pissed off because I am not only older than all of the other students, but also older than all of my teachers. You can decide for yourself.


chris said...

It's great that you are going back to school.

utenzi said...

I think it's a case by case situation, Diane. What you describe is what I experienced as an undergrad, 25 years ago, but more recent college experiences in Georgia went very smoothly. I think it all depends on how well the school tunes its registration process. Some schools are actually pretty good at this.

Good luck with your studies, Diane!