Alberto is paying his disrespect

I'm spending this rainy Wednesday morning trying to keep my hardwood floors dry. Turns out, with the heavy rain and winds from tropical storm Alberto, my kitchen window has decided to spring a leak.

Things could be much worse. As I wait for my builder to come to throw a tarp on my leak, I listen to the television reports of widespead street flooding in the area. Fortunately this is all supposed to be over this evening--just in time for another storm, the Carolina Hurricanes, to win the Stanley cup!

I had grand plans of posting some witty little story today that would have knock your socks off, but as you can tell from this photo, I'm a little busy at the moment.

Hope your having a sunnier day!


AmyD said...

Oh yuck! Hope you can get that taken care of soon. You know, so you can post another story. Hey, I'm selfish, what can I say? ;o)

Ty said...

Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully you have insurance and don't have to stress out too much. Can't wait until your other post.

Senior Advisor said...

Sorry you had a bad day -- we had flooding over here too -- back side of the building. :-(

Go Canes! :-)

The Venus said...

Sorry about your leak. :( My backyard always turns into a raging river during heavy rains so I was relieved to get home and find the inside of my house still dry.