Allow me to introduce you to Stanley...

Much to my surprise Monday night, Max bought us Stanley Cup playoff tickets to see the Carolina Hurricanes play the Edmonton Oilers. What a game! As if the 120 decibel crowd noise didn't provide enough excitement, our box seats (with unlimited food and drink) were positioned between the game-carrying Outdoor Life Network's box. And, I sat seats away from, Mark "The Moose" Messier. Wow!

Yeah, I know. Just another day in the life of Diane Mandy... ;-)

Go Canes!


chris said...

wow......sounds like a lot of fun!!!

michelle said...

very cool! being a canadian, i am cheering for edmonton, but it looks like the hurricanes are going to be hard to stop. i love mark messier ... his "betcha can't eat just one" lays potato chip commercials (did you have those in the states?) made me laugh.