It takes a village??

Today marks the beginning of my week-long adventure serving as a caretaker to a 10-year old and a 5-year old. Their parents, dear old friends, have decided to take their first vacation without the kids. Not that I mind, but why they chose me is mind boggling. If you hadn't noticed, I'm not exactly kid friendly. Until recently, I thought child-proofing meant something totally different.

This morning, I woke the kids up, fed them pop tarts, and managed to get them to school on time and without killing them. I guess we're off to a good start.

Poor kids! They'll need all of your prayers for the next week.


Senior Advisor said...

And what does Max think of your new houseguests?

kenju said...

Pop Tarts? That might be your first mistake.....LOL

Good luck!

Dan-E said...

ugh. kids. i don't envy you. good luck.

utenzi said...

Mind boggling indeed, Diane. Maybe this is their way of escaping the country....never to return.