Lucky numbers

Ordinarily, I'm not the superstitious sort and don't believe in luck. But, I do have a pair a favorite numbers--5 and 7. Like everything else both fanciful and fallacious, there isn't a rational reason for the affection. I just like them. Prime and whole, I've always found these numbers rather smart. Additionally, I have noticed a pattern with these numbers, one that doesn't seem to be of a random nature.

For instance, performing in my very first dance recital at five years old, I was the prima ballerina, the center of seven other Thumbelina wannabes. Later in adulthood, my first marriage ended after five miserable years, the same time I became fully vested with my company.

Coincidence, you say? I think not.

There are other, more personal reasons that I like the numbers. My favorite board game, Scrabble, features bonus points for 7-letter words. Both Diane and Mandy, are five-letter words, as are many of my most favorite things -- LATIN, SALSA, TANGO, SWING, MONEY, SHOES. Seven-letter favorites include BOY TOYS, JEWELRY, FASHION, and of course, MARTINI.

It's kismet, I tell you. Kismet. I've had a long, satisfying relationship with my two lucky numbers.

Until today...

It only took a few minutes for the computer to tabulate my score from the online exam I had taken in my distance-learning class.


Both my favorite numbers were present. But somehow, like chocolate chips on pizza (my two favorite foods), the pair just didn't go together.Then the reality of it all hit me--I had just failed my first exam EVER, with a whopping 57.

My 4.0 grade point average might be coming to an end thanks to my two favorite numbers and one particularly obtuse, 75-question, 50-minute, timed, exam. (I tell you, folks, I'm not that clever to be making this sort of thing up. Reality is stranger than fiction.)

After tonight, I may have to choose a new favorite number-- only this time, one of the four-letter variety.


jayfish said...

bah! you got over 50% right and that's gotta count for something.

...right? :)

did you study for this test?

JustJunebug said...


but i get the whole sticking to your guns thing on numbers...i have the same thing about the number 4 and 8...but i must say, i like your list of words that are 5 and 7 letters long!!

that right there made me smile!!

David said...

Sorry to hear about the test!! I am sure you will turn it around in no time :)

Siryn said...


Sorry that you failed. Maybe it's a sign that you've been having too much fun lately. But then, you have to live a little, so fuck 'em!

No one really dies wishing that they did more work unless the work was something to benefit humanity.