The new additon

I've gone and done it now. Max and I brought our unnamed puppy home today. This little cocker spaniel joins my ever expanding family. I am sure that Daisy and Rascal will not be thrilled with their baby brother, but hopefully with time they will be friends.

I'm looking for suggestions for names. The 10-year old that I am watching started calling him "Charlie". Any other ideas before the name sticks?


The Venus said...

You are turning into a big ole animal softie like me (well except when it comes to amphibians!) ;)

Siryn said...

He looks like a Buddy.

Deborah said...

That didn't take long. He is just too cute, even to a confirmed cat-lover like me.

Cocker spaniels are actually of Spanish descent, so perhaps you should consider a name of Latin origin. I'm sure you know a few. :-)

I actually think Max would be perfect -- something specific to you and your guy.

Try The Pampered Pup for more names than you can imagine.

Congrats -- motherhood must have agreed with you this week!

Monica said...

His coat looks like butterscotch... Caramelo in Spanish... which means caramel... he is yummy... In my house (all of our animals have been name based on their personality (shown to us in the weeks they have come into our household) we believe that they (the animal) names themselves based on their personality... My cats, Cleopatra and Mocha are a perfect example.. Cleo, in her 3 weeks in our house (and not name as of yet) stood one day very regal like on top of the sofa and my mother declared: she looks like one of those cats in the eras of Cleopatra - DONE!. With Mocha it was easier, she had an accident and we needed to amputate her tail and Mocha means "someone that has lost a limb" in Spanish. Regardless, he is a cutie pie, I would not been able to pass him by either!

kenju said...

One of my favorite dogs as a kid was our black cocker. Yours looks like a "Hopper". I read that someone named their new dog Hopper recently, and I thought what a good name it is.

Liz said...

I think I'm in love with your dog. The nose, the eyes, the ears, the paws. I'm done.

Dan-E said...

oh my gawd he's so frickin' CUTE.

he looks like a Rascal. or maybe Yakko.

utenzi said...

Be a geek and call him Chewbacca

AmyD said...

Sweet Jesus, that's one cute puppy!! I grew up with Cocker's my whole life, and LOVE THEM.

My future dog's name is going to be Henry. You can steal that one if you want to!

Congrats on the new member of the family!

mollymcmommy said...

ga he is sooooooooo cute :)

i like charlie, i don't know why i just do :)