An Open Letter to the 300 millionth American

Dear Unknown 300,000,000th American,

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, today marks your 1-week birthday. Despite all the fanfare with your arrival last Tuesday at 7:46 a.m., little else is known about you. Based on statistical projections, you are probably of a racial ethnic minority and were born in either the South or Midwest region of the country.

Chances are we will never meet, so buying you a baby gift seems pointless. Still, I wanted to give you something to mark the occasion of your existence. After all, the future rests with you now.

With this in mind, I want to send very best wishes for your future. So, little one, here are my dreams for you.

I hope you grow up in an America that

*celebrates diversity and its rich melting pot of citizenry
*has the finest and fairest education system
*tackles the problems of overcrowding and poverty
*learns to balance its own budget
*honors its elderly and lives up to its promises of taking care of them
*find a balance between energy and economic needs
*protects its environment and natural resources
*leads with a carrot as opposed to a stick
*cherishes civil liberties and welcomes vigorous, but civil debate
*maintains the separation of church and state
*finds cures for the most horrible diseases
*has many friends, few enemies

Maybe some of this is a little pie-in-sky. But if you stop hoping for a better future, it will never come. Shoot for the stars. Live well, live fully, and keep always the American dream close to your heart.


Diane Mandy

( 200 million and some change American)


Egan said...

300 million people. I saw Mr. Gore speak today and I'm happy he's found his calling as a steward of the environment. I'm hopeful we can meet the challenges you posed.

Siryn said...

I second that emotion.

kenju said...


utenzi said...

That was funny, Diane. Most likely to be born to a minority! Statisticians everywhere are giggling.

running42k said...

Let's hope those dreams come true.