Rudolph the Red Nosed

It's bad enough that I'm not feeling "it" today. Max, my daily shot of self esteem, is away on business. I feel pudgy, pale, and overwhelmingly unappealing. Despite trying on five different outfits, nothing seems to look or feel good enough to be dressed in. And for a moment I seriously consider wearing my pajamas to work.

Could it get any worse?

After settling on an outfit for a cold, dreary Monday, I go to wash and get ready for the day. Looking in the bathroom mirror, I make the horrific discovery--a big, fat whitehead perfectly positioned at the tip of my nose.

I didn't think you were suppose to get pimples at my age? I'm long past Clearsil. What's a girl to do? Do I leave it alone and let nature take its course? Or, do I pop it in hopes of making it less obvious. Is there even a way of making a pimple on the very tip of your nose less obvious?

This is my fate on a dreary Monday morning. With every conversation, I'll be wondering whether my coworker is looking at me or the huge pimple on my nose. Who am I kidding? I already know the answer to that one. (Sigh)


kenju said...

Well, how do you feel about pimples and gray hair and wrinkles all at the same time?

It's coming - sooner or later.

├ůsa said...

Diane! What will draw more attention than a pimple? Cleavage! Dress nicer than usual and show some cleavage. That’s my suggestion. I hate those “bad” days when nothing looks good. But I do know if I make sure my hair is clean and styled, my clothes are towards the nicer side and maybe put on a tad bit more make-up: I do feel a little better. A good mood makes people look good.

Hope your Tuesday starts better!

Egan said...

Pop the sucker. Two days later nobody will remember the whitehead. I like the cleavage idea of Asa's too, but I'm a dude.

running42k said...

That Monday sucks. Put me down for the pop and cleavage strategy. It's sound.

David said...

Well reading your post and you said whats a girl to do the first thing that came to mind was show some skin. Glad to read the other comments to see I am not the only one to think that away. Oh and I'd pop that pimple too. Be gone before you know it.

utenzi said...

My first thought was lots of foundation to hide it but Asa's comment of cleavage is more fun. You're pretty thin tho, Diane. I hope you were able to survive the ordeal on Monday.

Senior Advisor said...

Having seen you on Monday, I never would have guessed you were having an "off" day. Amazing how we can be so critical of ourselves and yet to others, nothing is amiss.