Top Ten Reasons Why My Dog is Driving Me Nuts

10. Finds baths and ear cleanings offensive
9. Doesn't take "no" for an answer
8. Scatters 20 stuffed toys around moments after I put them away
7. Has decided that he owns a queen size doggy bed
6. Already mastered the art of selective hearing
5. Jumps on furniture as if he's part mountain goat
4. Only sits on command when treats are involved
3. Won't pee outside when it rains
2. Thinks cat litter is a delicacy
1. Still has two more months before he can be neutered


Sara said...

I've got seven of ten here. He's getting fixed within the month and is already hiking EVERYWHERE.

Egan said...

I think I can one up Sara with at least 8 of 10 things.

running42k said...

Niska was everything but 1 and 5.

utenzi said...

It sounds to me like he has you wrapped around his little paws, Diane. But that's okay--you're obviously quite happy with him and that's what counts.

AmyD said...

But just think...isn't it great to know you have a dog with a mind of his OWN?! ;o)

Good luck these next two months. I can promise you he will chill the hell out after that happens.