One down, two to go

Thank you for the supportive comments on my last post. As often as I whine about this topic, I had imagined to get at least one “Get over it already!” But then again, Dan-E hasn’t commented (teasing).

Still the well wishes helped when I visited my sister to share the news. Her initial reaction? Tears (mostly of joy), but then she confirmed my fears.

“Mom and dad are going to freak! Still, you need to go to them this weekend and tell them what is happening,” she said frankly. “I don’t envy you, and I fear the drama this is going to cause.”

“I know,” I said softly. “I am so sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. This is YOUR life. You have a right to be happy,” she responded.

Given my sister’s mostly positive reaction, I wonder why I was so nervous about telling her from the start. Regardless, it does bring a sense of relief knowing that all my siblings are behind me. It will make whatever happens on Saturday a little more bearable


Monica said...

Diane... see I told you, sometimes we read too much into it. Your parents will be like your siblings... because I don't see you face to face and I can feel the joy in your when you talk about your relationship with Max... I can imagine that when they witness it first hand, there will be nothing to do but accept your happiness... like your sister pointed out... its YOUR life... so go live it.. the way YOU intended, not the way others want you to. You go girl, make that 3 for 3!

Dan-E said...

oh come on now, i'm not *that* heartless. i know this must be difficult for you, and i can relate since i don't tell my parents much either. i'm just surprised it took this long for bridezilla to reveal herself.

(ducks behind table)

not making light of your situation at all, but this reminds me of an episode of comedy central's "drawn together" where xander, an obviously gay character, just came out of the closet and is fretting over how to come out to his parents. when he finally tells them, they simply reply with a resounding "well DUUUUHHHH."

not to say that your life is a cartoon reality show but that's just my long-winded way of saying i think everything will be ok.

(by the way, if anyone else knows what i'm talking about, please tell me so i don't feel like the only loser who watches this crap)

utenzi said...

I don't share Monica's confidence regarding your parents, Diane, but since you've been out of their house for these past few decades they probably have adjusted somewhat to you having your own life. Ha!

Good luck and may you both have wonderful time and lots of GREAT Greek food.

kenju said...

I hope your parents will be as supportive as your sister!

Siryn said...

I'm with kenju! Maybe they will surprise you. I'm hoping they surprise you, and don't make a huge case out of it.

And, congrats on getting married! I've been so out of the loop for a long time, I'm glad to come back to happy news. :)

AmyD said...

I'm so glad that went well. Maybe you and your sis are wrong about your parents? People change, after all.

*crickets chirping*

OK, yeah, I hear ya... Ha!

GOOD LUCK! No matter what, you are living your life, for you, and YOUR happiness. That's paramount, so don't forget that. :o)

egan said...

I can't wait to hear how things worked out. (fingers crossed for you)