Day 2

Because Monday was only one of two full days on ship, Max and I thought we'd take advantage of various activities and events. I registered us for a trivia match in the Schooner lounge, a seminar on eating more to weigh less, a spinning class, and vegetable carving demonstration. But as soon as Max and I laid our towels down poolside, it became evident that we weren't going to make a single appointment. Contentment became day-long lounging, sipping fruity drinks, and listening to the cool sounds of a Caribbean band.

These days Max's newest obsession is sudoku, and he worked furiously at completing a paperback filled with challenging puzzles. He says the joy of sudoku comes from working your brain in a way in which it is not accustomed. This sort of poolside activity isn't my idea of relaxation, but no matter. I pulled out my iPAQ and began writing. This is how I work my brain.

Unfortunately for whatever reason, I couldn't sign into Blogger from the ship and was delayed in bringing you a vacation recap.

Monday night was our first formal night. Max wore a black tux, black shirt, and silver tie, and I wore a Cinderella-blue gown. And because there are too few opportunities in this world to really dress up and sparkle, we took advantage of every photo opportunity the boat afforded us throughout the week.

Our tablemates for the voyage--John and Jill from Louisville, Kentucky--were a pleasant couple, who enjoyed a week away from their children and parishioners. John is a pastor of a little church, and his wife plays piano for the choir. Royal Caribbean could not have matched two more different couples, but it was a pleasure meeting John and Jill nonetheless. In fact, they joined us at Boleros, the Latin lounge, and tried a little to salsa dancing.

When the clock finally struck midnight, I still felt as round as a pumpkin from our 4-course dinner and one too many mojitos. Far from a Cinderella life, Max and I had spent the entire day doing almost nothing. I suppose, in retrospect, we needed the rest. Besides, in a few short hours we'd be on an island off the coast of Haiti, looking forward to our first parasailing adventure.


Suvii said...

I think it's great that you just relaxed and went with the flow. It ALL sounds wonderful and I think you were partaking in what honeymoons are all about!

JustJunebug said...

you are doing what you should be doing.

enjoying each other.

who cares about all that other stuff.

kenju said...

Relaxing and enjoying the moment is what honeymoons are for, right?

On the only cruise we ever took, we had a pastor at our table too, plus a pair of lesbians. I couldn't figure out why we were all placed together.....LOL

Dan-E said...

that pastor story made mee laugh. it reminded me of a joke one of my former pastros told me: how to make God laugh?

you make a plan.

it made me laugh since you made all these plans for the cruise and yet, you two just lounged around and enjoying each other's company. it's great that you're able to play it by ear and have fun anyway. it bodes well for your future.

utenzi said...

And where are your pictures, Diane? No tale about a vacation is complete without a slide show!

utenzi said...

Wow. I ask for pictures and a few hours later pictures appear, Diane. I think I'll start my televangelist career soon! I just need to find some religious people to advise me.

utenzi said...

And now that I've looked at the pictures, Diane, the first thing I can think of is...wow--what a ring that is! Beautiful and so prominently displayed.

Diane Mandy said...

I aim to please, Utenzi. I wasn't going to post any photos, but you helped convince me otherwise. If you need the help of a religious person for your ministry, I could offer the business card of my tablemate for the cruise. Paster John could probably offer some advice.

utenzi said...

Now if I can just convince Chris that we need someone in his profession-- but that's going to be an uphill battle!

The pictures are great and I'm not saying that just 'cause of that incredible dress either. ;-) Or maybe I am!

Tonya Allison said...

You guys should be the poster-couple for Mariner of the Seas, what a great pic!!