The Honeymoon Begins

For as much as I complained about LA Weight Loss, I hit my goal weight by the end of week seven and in time for our honeymoon cruise. Sure, I'd still like to drop down to my all-time, hoochie mama low, but at this weight I easily fit into the party dresses of my salsa dancing days.

For this reason, it was a pleasure packing for the trip, getting reacquainted with my three closets, and saying hello to many articles of clothing I hadn't been able to wear in almost two years. By my calculations, I was going to need no fewer than 28 outfits for this trip--or four ensembles per day. This was a safe estimate. Morning wear would include pool and beach clothing, followed by casual chic attire for strolling around the boat and participating in afternoon activities. In the evening, I would need to dress for dinner (which included two formal nights), with appropriate clubbing outfits for late night prowling. As a result of my planning, poor Max ended up hauling 5 suitcases for the vacation, but, true to form, never complained once.

However, after day one of our honeymoon cruise, I am sure to be kissing my goal weight goodbye. Royal Caribbean makes it virtually impossible for me to control my food and drink craving. Our superior ocean-view cabin with balcony came stocked with two bottles of champagne, nuts, crackers, a cheese tray, and chocolate-covered strawberries. In fact, my belly expanded just looking at the presentation.

Max and I tried to work off the calories. Mariner of the Seas is a large, lovely boat. We toured its 12-floors before dinner, our only real exercise for the day, but not enough to burn off the welcome package or the prime rib dinner a few hours later. And as I rolled into bed at the wee hour of 10:30pm (wasting one of the seven night-time outfits), I promised myself to hit the gym in the morning and just after we finished our scheduled breakfast in bed.

Yeah, right.


utenzi said...

There's all sorts of ways to use up those calories onboard, Diane. I'm sure you'll keep busy. :-)

Congratulations to the both of you on your honeymoon cruise. I hope you did include some slightly larger clothes just in case the food is too tempting though. Have a great voyage!

kenju said...

I have only been on one cruise, but we ate almost non-stop from breakfast to the midnight buffet. I hope you brought some larger clothes too!

running42k said...

I know of a way to burn off calories on your honeymoon that doesn't require the gym. You have probably thought of it too.

Suvii said...

Are you going to post a few pics?