I use to worry about how I’d spend my days once we moved and I no longer had a job to occupy my time. Now I’m looking forward to that day.

As the move date approaches, I am find myself beginning to emotionally detach from work. For this 20-year professional, who actually likes to work, it’s a surprisingly liberating feeling. These days, I give serious thought as to what I’d like to be doing as opposed to what I must do. I am beginning to think about hobbies I might pursue and how I’ll spend my time. As a result, it’s getting harder and harder to face the grind at the office. It’s almost impossible to stay motivated anymore.

In fact, once the house sells, I might resign immediately, freeing myself to spend the last couple months visiting out-of-town friends and family. And, did I mention Max has business trip to Hawaii in November?

I’m so bad.

All of this daydreaming makes me wonder what you would do if you could spend your days doing ANYTHING you wanted. Tell me if you can. What would that be?


utenzi said...

For the first couple months, Diane, I'd do a lot of kayaking and hiking. I'd particularly like to get more time in on the ocean--most of my kayaking has been on fresh water.

It's great that you and Max are going to get back out to Hawaii again. What a wonderful place to visit!

I don't think you'll have any problem with the free time situation, Diane. There's so much to do in Germany and of course once the baby comes, those critters take up a big block of time too.

kenju said...

I'll try hard not to be jealous of the Hawaii trip!

If money were no object, I'd go around the world and then I'd do it again.

I do spend quite a few days a month doing just what I want. Now that I am older, it is a real luxury not to have to do anything I don't want to do. If I had had that available to me when I was your age, I'd say the sky's the limit!

Anonymous said...

I would travel, but I guess you're looking for things you can do while staying local so that you and Max can be together. Some of my projects that need a few months or years of free time include putting photos into albums and captioning them, reading about a hundred books, getting really buff at the gym, getting caught up with several old friends, volunteering for a non-profit/museum/etc., learning a couple more languages, running a lot, becoming a great chef and experimenting with recipes (my fave thing to do on a weekend day alone is spend the afternoon cooking for when my honey gets home from work), planning an exotic trip (I'd like to do some research on China so we can take the best possible trip there), researching my family tree (that's a good thing for you to do that the baby will someday appreciate), thoroughly cleaning out my closet and storage areas, getting all my files organized, watching a bunch of classic movies I've somehow missed, and doing carefully-planned advance Christmas shopping. You could also busy yourself decorating a nursery and learning baby sign language, which seems to be very popular these days. But there's my free time list.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

With limitless funds I'd choose to travel more often and spend time with family....

Monica said...

Travel, Travel and more travel.. big world, lots of places on my to do list.

Having had a sting of working from home... make sure you do choose a hobby (not hard to do, since you have a whole New COUNTRY to explore) because eventually you do grow bored and start to miss work (as hard as that my sound to some people)... But, I sure you will come up with something totally awesome!