Selling Out

Max spoke with the HR specialist in charge of our move to Germany. She informed us life is going to get more hectic in just a few weeks. As soon as we get back from Egypt, Max and I will be enrolled in a special cultural awareness program, begin 100 hours of language education, and start a series of meetings with the relocation company. Then, in either September or October , we travel to Germany too look for a new home because our move has been tentatively set for December 1st.

I’m feeling butterflies, folks.

Fortunately, there won’t be time to wallow in the fear of the unknowns. I have a more immediate project to occupy every available minute--getting my condominium ready to put on the market.

Max and I thought his company would buy our home. But because this assignment is considered temporary, the company will only pay for fees associated with renting the property instead.

I don’t want to have the entanglements of home ownership while we’re overseas. And, because I live on a university campus, I fear my home would more than likely be rented to college student who wouldn’t take care of it. For these reasons, I think it’s better to sell even though the housing market is in a slump.

We spent our weekend organizing cabinets and closets. Painting and carpet cleaning top the agenda next weekend. Fun, fun, and more fun—but if all goes well, the Mandy pad will be ready to show in two weeks.

After that, it’s anybody’s guess.


jayfish said...

wow, it's all happening so fast..

TamWill said...

Do you ever experience a dull moment? Your scenery in life is everchanging that is for sure.

Good luck with the sale!

kenju said...

Good luck with the sale. You might get a quicker sale because you live on a campus.

AmyD said...

Yikes...nothing like adding stress to more stress. :o(

I wish you luck in getting the condo ready AND sold quickly!!

utenzi said...

Judy said just what I was thinking. Your sale is well timed for transfer students coming to State in January. Good luck with those darn butterflies, Diane