Attention Deficit

Charlie hates my new Mac, seeing it as a rival, yet another thing to take my attention away from him. Whenever I pull out my computer I get this look from my dog.

And when sad puppy eyes don’t work, he decides to get in my face.

This morning Charlie was particularly needy. I woke up early--a futile attempt to squeeze extra minutes into the day, working my way down Egan’s blogroll, searching for new reads to add to my dwindling list. But as soon as I reached for the computer, Charlie started barking.

“Not now, nut job.” I said.

“Bark, bark bark.” The dog is relentless when he wants attention.

This is the sort of morning when I especially miss my husband, who has been in Germany all month, transitioning to his new job, and narrowing the search for our new abode. If Max were here, home with me, I could blog to my heart’s content. He would take Charlie out for a morning walk, so I could do as I pleased. Then once my guys returned, Max would bring me a cup of coffee, so I wouldn’t have to leave the bed.

I haven’t had coffee in bed all month. Come to think of it, I haven’t had anything in bed the whole month—except for a whiny dog and tolerant MacBook.

Fortunately, there is a steaming cup of hand-delivered coffee in my future. Max returns of Sunday, and Charlie and I will both be so relieved to have him home.


LZ Blogger said...

Diane ~ What a CUTE PUPPY! (well except for his hatred of your MAC!)
Max both walks the dog and brings you coffee in bed? NO WONDER YOU MISS HIM! I'd hang on to that guy if I were you! Looks like I may have missed a few posts here. Someone ought to come up with a way to notify everyone when a blog that you read updates their blog. ~ jb///

egan said...

Only a few more days until he returns, good. You find anything worthwhile to read Diane?

Me said...

NOTHING like a dog staring one down.

Fabulous Dog has that one DOWN.

Happy Max is returning soon. :)

armalicious said...

Another Mac user!! Woot! My cat hates my mac, too. Luckily I have an iMac instead of a MacBook, so I'm sitting at a desk, but still.

I've seen you around Egan's and thought I'd see what was shaking over here and I love your stuff. And your blog template kicks ass!

Also, love your podcasts! The background music with you reading your post is awesome!

utenzi said...

Congratulations, Diane. Getting things in bed is great. I'm sure the coffee will be wonderful.

AmyD said...

I LOVE Charlie! I mean...how can you say "no" to that face?? SO CUTE.

Sounds like you and your pup are pretty spoiled with love; so glad Max is on his way home this weekend to pick up where he left off. Haa!

patches said...

Substitute Charlie with an overweight cat an we are sharing the same life.