Day 13 – and still no calls on my house? At what point do I press the panic button?

In an effort to give my home a little more exposure, I decided to post it on the company’s electronic bulletin board. Five thousand people have access to the site, and I figured there might be one out there who was house-hunting.

Instead, I received e-mails like this:

Hi Diane,

What a nice condominium! I'm not inquiring about the purchase of this but, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful mirror in the dining room and was wondering if you were going to sell it. Please let me know if you have considered selling it and for how much. Also, the sofa is beautiful - where did you find it?

Please reply at your earliest convenience.


Or, this one:


I'm not interested in moving, but if you are selling any of the furnishings, I would possibly be interested. I live very near there. Thanks.


Yes, there are scavengers, cleverly disguised as mild-mannered computer geeks. Is it just me, or are these e-mails just a tad forward?


egan said...

I think we can blame Craigslist on this forwardness.

Clearly you have very good taste in the home decor department though. Kudos to you.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

The wolves in sheeps clothing are coming out of the woodwork...I hope you far better tomorrow!

Jayne said...

I really like the wallpaper on your blog...if you're thinking of replacing it I could take it off your hands... LOL.
Yes there's some cheeky buggers out there.
Good luck.

Diane Mandy said...

Jayne- and some very funny ones! Thanks for stopping by.

Airam said...

Hey there thanks for the visit. I'm loving your blog template!

kenju said...

I'm sure you know that the real estate market is in sh*tsville right now. Have you considered raising your price? In my neck of the woods, that often gets it sold!

brookem said...

ha, seems a little forward to me! sounds like people are really digging your home furnishings! good luck with the house, and hopefully some interested parties will bite... on more than just the decor, soon!

and thanks for stopping by my blog! looking forward to reading more of you:)

Just a trumpet player said...

I have no interest what so ever in your furniture !! Although, if you ever consider leaving behind your wine bottles and your Martini set, and...

utenzi said...

I can't believe the cheek of some folk, Diane--but since you're leaving and all... that is a very nice couch. LOL

AmyD said...

Just be thankful they didn't ask for your yet-unborn first child (YET)... ;o)~

Good luck with the condo sale! What happened to that young college student who made an offer? Could you go back to him and offer it at a lower price? Might be worth it...