Talking Smack and Mac

Today's post promises to be as bad a Brittany Spear's performance last night on the MTV Music Awards. I don't have a prepared story because I spent all weekend playing with my new Mac last night. That's right, folks. I'm a Macster for the first time in...well... ever.

It certainly is good to back from vacation, but life is hardly routine. Max and I are in full relocation mode. Today we meet with the langauge instructor to schedule our first 40 hours of German classes. I also meet with my physician to schedule all those new tests a woman gets whenever she turns (gasp) 40. I'm about 3 months early, but figure it would be better to be throughly checked under the hood because finding a phycian I'm comfortable with might take some time in Germany.

Max, on the other hand, leaves for Germany tomorrow and won't be back till the end of the month. He starts transisitioning to his new role and, hopefully, will get some house hunting in during the trip. We can't schedule an appointment with the movers until we find an apartment.

Yeah, life is crazy. I feel as though we are temporary resident in this land. And I suppose, given the fact that we have only about 10 weeks left, it's an accuarate feeling.

In an unrelated tidbit... Max's youngest sister read my travel journal and apparently got really offended by it. She posted a message on the board in defense of Egypt. I was stunned. I've e-mailed her personally rather than post on the board to explain a few things I think she might have misunderstood and to apologize for anything she took offense to, but so far she hasn't e-mailed me back.

You think I should be worrried?


zerodoll said...

mmm. difficult one with the sister. unfortunately, it is so easy to take things wrong on a blog/message board/ etc. i'm sure you can clear it up with her in direct communication.

utenzi said...

I don't think you need to be worried about Max's little sister. I don't know why she would have taken offense at your comments. They all seemed quite benign to me.

Monica said...

Welcome to the Mac world.. you will never go back to PC's... I can guarantee it...I love my MacBook so much is going with me to Alaska and putting it to the real test! Can it find wireless out in the wilderness? My BFF, is telling me that it will... I guess we will find out soon enough. On Max sister.. I read her comments and like you, I feel its more of misunderstanding than anything else...I'm sure it will be cleared up. Other than that.. your trip sounded awesome! I'm jealous (in the good way!)

Mr.Download said...

good blog!



kenju said...

Your comments seemed benign to me too. Perhaps it is a cultural difference?

TamWill said...

Everything will work out. Sometimes people (even I) get defensive when it comes to their home town.
I enjoyed your pictures!