Suggestions, please.

I’m not a morning person. It takes every fiber of my being to wake up, get going, make sure the shoes and socks match, and arrive at the office within a reasonable hour. Add to this list the task of having to clean my house every morning while it’s on the market, and you have total and complete chaos.

After marrying Max, I had another important, albeit simple, item to add to my morning routine—remembering to wear my wedding and engagement rings. And to be honest, in the blur that is my mornings, I forget about 30 percent of the time.

It’s bad, I know.

Fortunately, Max doesn’t take my absent-mindedness personally. He knows it’s just an oversight, but I feel terrible just the same. So as not to forget (or rather, not to have to remember) I started wearing my rings around the clock until a friend told me her jeweler had discouraged the practice (something to do with wear and tear on the prongs and the risk of losing diamonds). Then, I tried leaving the set out on the dresser so I would see them, but my cat Rascal started using the rings like air-hockey pucks. Now I need Plan C.

I have to believe some of you out there have experienced morning forgetfulness. Any suggestions for me?


Bluepaintred said...

for safety reasons my husband cannot wear his ring to work. In our MasterBath we have a decorative shelf with little knick knacks, it has three "pegs" for lack of a better word on the bottom of it. He hands his rings on the peg and puts it back on after his shower after work.

We have a Hockey Ring star kitteh too!

Vespertine said...



These things come in lots of different designs, and are generally kitty proof.

Suvii said...

I put mine next to something I'll use every morning, in my case, my electric toothbrush, so I'll always see them and remember to put them on. But, I've also been known to wear mine around the clok too!

Senior Advisor said...

I've worn mine around the clock ever since we got married. My advice--don't do it. The prongs around my engagement ring diamond weakened on two occasions.

The first time, the diamond popped out and I was able to get the ring reset and repaired.

The second time, I didn't see when the diamond came out...and I never found it.

Just a trumpet player said...

I'm the same ; my brain requires at least 3 coffee before it starts working properly.

My ex husband would put a cute note in the bathroom mirror every morning... that usually did the trick.

Jayne said...

I don't wear mine at all...they keep the dressing table drawer company.
Much easier when wrestling weeds,dogs,cats and the stray chicken lol.

utenzi said...

Just wear them 24/7, Diane. They're symbols of love and shouldn't be taken off. The settings are usually pretty reliable.

kenju said...

I keep mine in my jewelry box, along side my watch, so I seldom forget them. I do like the idea of hooks to hang them on, as long as they are not too near the bathroom sink (where they could get washed down the drain) or flushed...LOL

I have never worn my rings at home, only when I am out. My jeweler told me not to, and he also said never wear them in swimming pools or hot tubs. The chlorine will soften the gold!

jayfish said...

yeah, i have to keep daily things in the same spot or i'll forget them. my watch, wallet, keys, sunglasses, etc. maybe a single locale for your stuff would work?

Bexxie said...

Hi there - I surfed in from AmyD's wedding blog ..

I'm not married so I have no advice but I do know ppl who only wear their wedding ring (24/7) and wear the engagement one on special occasions.

I laughed out loud with your hockey puck comment! :o)

Anonymous said...

Definitely wear your wedding band always. It is such an important symbol. I know you trust Max, but I'm sure it would be annoying if he didn't wear his often, if nothing else b/c you wasted money buying it. I like the idea of keeping your engagement ring by your toothbrush or keys or cell phone so you remember it, but I don't think the wedding band should ever come off.

Lucy Stern said...

Well, I have been married for 36 years and I have never taken my rings off. I did lose the diamonds twice, from falling out, but my last ring is an eternity ring and I got a warrenty on it when we bought it. I get the ring checked every six months and they warrenty it if the diamonds should fall out.

Maybe you could buy one of those cute little bowls with a top on it and put it next to your bed. If you kittie gets them out of there, you have a magical kittie.