Now what?

Max headed back to work after a three-week holiday. I enjoyed having my husband home, but secretly looked forward to starting our daily routine in Germany. In this new life, Max works and I…and I…

Hmm. What will I do now?

For a woman who likes to work and mourned the end of her 24-year career, I immediately learned how to waste a day. Except a little light cleaning, walking Charlie, reorganizing my blogroll (which, btw if I inadvertently missed you, let me know), and having my landlord over for coffee, I have accomplished zilch.

Surprisingly, days pass quickly when you’re doing nothing, but please do not think I am gloating. I need to break this lazy start before it becomes habit. So to this end, I’ve started a to-do list of things I’d like to accomplish during these cold, gray winter days. These have not been placed in any particular order.

1. Learn Photoshop - I find this software complicated, but feel impelled master it. I purchased a book on the product, so there is no excuse not to learn.
2. Study German every day- My tutor will be coming twice a week, but unless I really apply myself, I’ll never learn.
3. Learn to use iMovie – Again, I have this powerful tool, but no idea how to use it. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could edit video and create DVDs of all our wonderful and new experiences?
4. Study editing and grammar - This review of my site, criticized me, quite correctly, for being a sloppy writer. Now that I have the time to pay more attention to my words, why not try harder?
5. Read a few classic novels - I moved over a collection of old, leather-bound books, which I have used mostly for decorative effect. I need to try dusting these books off by opening them once in a while.

These five items could certainly keep me busy for the next few months. Now I just need to start applying myself, but not today. I’m just not feeling industrious.

If you had all the free time in the world, would you use it to the full? What would you like to do?


Sara said...

Once daytime tv got old, I would be much more crafty. I would learn to knit and cultivate my photography and make delicious jewelry that would ultimately make me RICH!

What a dream... Make us proud, Diane!!

Anonymous said...

I posted this comment before, but I actually saved it on my system b/c I put enough thought into it that I thought I should keep it handy to focus on my long-term goals.

I would travel, but if you're looking for things you can do while staying local, some of my projects that need a few months or years of free time include putting photos into albums and captioning them, reading about a hundred books, getting really buff at the gym, getting caught up with several old friends, volunteering for a non-profit/museum/etc., learning a couple more languages, running a lot, becoming a great chef and experimenting with recipes (my fave thing to do on a weekend day alone is spend the afternoon cooking for when my honey gets home from work), planning an exotic trip (I'd like to do some research on China so we can take the best possible trip there), researching my family tree (that's a good thing for you to do that the baby will someday appreciate), thoroughly cleaning out my closet and storage areas, getting all my files organized, watching a bunch of classic movies I've somehow missed, and doing carefully-planned advance Christmas shopping. You could also busy yourself decorating a nursery and learning baby sign language, which seems to be very popular these days. But there's my free time list.

Jennifer said...

I took a full day Photoshop course - sort of an "immersion" class, along the lines of your German language experience, I imagine! It was an awesome course, but I never really had the time to play around with all the cool things I learned. I do have several great books about the program, too. I'd love to spend some time getting to be a real pro at using the power of the PS. You'll have to show us your "homework" as you go!

Diane Mandy said...

Anon- I remembe this comment and thought you had some GREAT ideas. I thank you for posting it again.

June said...

If I didnt have to work, I bet I could win the NYC Marathon. ha!

I'd be training like a crazy woman.

Hey Diane, take up running and run the Berlin Marathon for me!!

patches said...

For me the question isn't, what would I do, but what do I do? Travel at every opportunity, ignore the television, read, go outside even if it's dreary, draw or some other creative project,

One of the tricky aspects of suddenly becoming a person of leisure, is taking free time for granted. It's easy to think I'll have time and can do that later. The more free time, the less I seem to manage it.

Excellent point about photoshop. As you learn about it's capability, you will hesitate to accept the lesser features offered y other titles. You might consider searching for online tutorials too.

mrsmogul said...

I used imovies once but don't have the patience now! Do they play Sound of Music a lot there?

Sizzle said...

i could do whatever i want?! and all the time to do it!?

i'd learn to cook gloriously delicious meals. i'd make phenomenally cute crafts and sell them on etsy. i'd hang out in coffee shops and sip lattes and read. i'd volunteer. i'd see more movies. i'd learn a musical instrument. i'd brush up on my spanish.

oh the possibilities!

meno said...

Hi Diane! How am i supposed yo get to know you if your archives are missing? Or is it my brain that is missing?

I have lots of free time. You can see what i am doing. :)

kenju said...

If money were no object, I would travel. I need to read more, so that would be a goal. If I am honest, I'd admit to being addicted to the computer and to blogging, so that's what I'd probably do more of.

Airam said...

Enjoy these days! The days I have nothing to do I feel bored but then the days where I'm on the go, I wish I had nothing to do!

Diane Mandy said...

Sara- I also like photography, so I need to spend more time developing it.

Jennifer- Yup. If I learn it, I might post some samples. Good idea!

June - I wish! I don't think I could ever run. Any advice on how to start slowly?

patches- I know what you mean about the time management thing. And travel--yes yes yes. I have unlimited time, not money. STill, I'm hoping to go to Paris, Prague, FLorence, Rome, Greece, Cairo, Belgium, Austria, and of course, the US this year.

Diane Mandy said...

Funny, Mrs. Mogul! I wouldn't know. We don't have our satellite working yet. Boo.

Sizzle - SPanish is a good one. I fear I will forget all I know once I learn German. I actually brought a couple Spanish books, so I'll add it to the list. Along with more salsa dancing--there's a decent size dance community here.

Meno - Consider it reinstated. I didn't know anybody read those things! :-)

Kenju- Yeah, that whole money thing does get into the way. I'm starting to get addicted to the computer myslef.

Airam - I'm enjoying, but would probably trade places (have a career) if the truth be told. I guess it's going to take some time to learn how to relax.

Christina G said...

It's difficult making the transition to woman-of-leisure. I ended up becoming an amateur genealogist. I even had plans of going pro until the little one came along. Haven't had any time for research since he was born! Good luck and thanks for stopping by my blog!