What I didn’t blog about this week

Monday – Friday Ugh! Greek food is wonderful and rich, but oh how I overindulged this week! My pores are literally oozing ouzo and olive oil. I bet I’ve eaten more this week than I have the previous three combined. I am not being a glutton, mind you. When my aunt and uncle put food on my plate, I can’t say no out of fear I might insult them. Of course it doesn’t help that lunches and dinners in this part of the world go on for hours, and are only separated by a 2-3 hour siesta.

So we are perfectly clear about what a sloth I have been, allow me to give you the daily schedule I’ve kept the last 6 days.

930a – Awake (Cookies or pastries, Greek coffee, followed by the main breakfast, which is not optional.)

11a-1:00p – Beach or pool time (Indulge in another Greek specialty-the coffee frappe.)

1:00p-2:30p – Lunch (Salad, feta, olives, ouzo, eggs, sandwiches, soup, fruit)

2:30-5:00p – Siesta (Everything shuts down for a few hours so people can get sleep. Greeks take this ritual very seriously.)

5:00-7:00p – Beach or pool time (Afternoon cookies and coffee optional.)

8:00-11p –Dinner out in town (Appetizers: Feta, olives, eggplant dip, tzatziki, fried squash, okra, eggplant, bread, ouzo. Main course: Some kind of meat or fish always served with French fries AND rice.)

11:00pm – After dinner drinks, dessert.

I feel like Jabba the Hut, right now. And with my parents in town for almost two weeks, my diet isn’t like to improve as much as it needs to.

However, if I am Jabba, than Max is Luke Skywalker, the chosen one of this trip.

In other words, my big fat Greek family loves the guy. I am happy for this, but also a little surprised. You see, my relatives are Greek Greeks—the kind that really do expect you to marry Greeks in the Orthodox church and produce lots of Greek babies. I wouldn’t have thought these Greeks would have taken to Max quite so well, but they have. Of course, it helps that he speaks Greek and lived her for a dozen years. As far as my family is concerned, he’s an Egyptian Greek and the ouzo toast of the town.

(Funny aside: Instead of Max, my aunt Frosa has taken to calling him “Dodi.” Get it? Dodi and Diana? Believe it or not, she means this as a compliment.)


Claire said...

Oh man, ouzo. That's crazy stuff! I'm so glad your family are enjoying having you and Max with them :-).


kenju said...

LOL....tell Dodi I said hi!

YOu didn't eat any spanokopita? That's MY favorite.

Dan-E said...

last time i had ouzo was in a writing class and our teacher was a greek guy who grew up in philly. i loved that guy because he brought ouzo shot for everyone for finals and believe me when i say, i had more than my fair share.

American in Norway said...

Thanks...now I am jonesing for Greek food... Um, not alot of that around here in Norway! Bummer.
Glad everyone loves Max

running42k said...

Spending your week eating delicious Greek food is not a way to get me to feel sympathy for you, envy yes, sympathy no.

Dianne said...

Dodi! I think that's hilarious, and sweet in an older Greek aunt way.

My DIL's family are Greek Greek and after 12 years they're just starting to 'accept' my non-Greek son.

If you're worried about extra pounds chase Dodi around the pool for a bit. And please vlog it ;)

Erin said...

I'm headed to Greece in September. These posts are getting me excited for my trip.

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

so jealous! AGHHHH xoxoxo

Chica said...

This post made me very very hungry!