An hour and a half on the town...

I worked a lot at the Pub this weekend. Friday night from 5p-2a (not including the 6 hours I'd spent at my regular job). Saturday I worked from 10a-9pm. I even worked a 6-hour Sunday brunch. Mind you, I'm not complaining. Tips were good; I need the extra cash during this time of the year.

Saturday night, despite exhaustion, I felt like going out on a date. I wanted to get dressed up; I wanted a man to wine and dine me. There was only one person to call--Vin. After the last several weeks of meeting the most lewd and forward of men, I needed Vin to provide a refreshing change. And lucky for me, he was more than happy to take me out.

It was my night to do whatever I wanted. We went to hear one of my favorite bands performing at a local bar. In an hour and a half, I managed to down 2 French martinis, 2 shots, 1 Blue Moon beer, and a plate of nachos.

Vin just grinned when I requested we go and get a pint of ice cream.

Soon after, Vin and I left the bar and drove to the grocery store. Vin left me in the car while he picked out an ice cream flavor.

That's all I remember from my evening.

Sunday morning I woke up before the alarm clock went off. I looked around. There I was, tucked away in my own bed. My head hurt and I would have liked to stay right where I was. But, I had one more shift at the pub. I walked downstairs to find the ice cream puchased and sitting in my freezer.

Vin... He always takes care of me. Did I let him go too quickly?


utenzi said...

Admittedly I don't really know anything about your relationship with Vin other than a few tidbits you've shared with "us", but given that disclaimer: yes, you let him go way too soon. He actually sounds too good to be true--and that's the sort you don't let go!

The Door Steward said...

"You don't realise what you've got till its gone" - remember that.

Sounds like Vin is a nice guy...perhaps give him another chance?

Good Luck!

Mister Hand said...

Nice guy? He had you in the bed all passed out and he didn't...?

Oh wait. Yeah, I guess that IS a nice guy.

sethro said...

What's a guy gotta do to get wined and dined? Or at least get called to wine and dine? ;)

All that said, your Vin sounds like a decent fellow....but there was obviously something there that held you back the first time...