Define a date

This question has been coming up a lot recently between my friends and me. What is a date? You know, the kind between two consenting adults. How do you know if you've been asked on one? How do you know what a date is? I need some clarification here.

What do you think?


JustJunebug said...

I'm old fashioned. I think if one asks "would you like to have dinner (or insert other date worthy items) with me?", thats a date. And it must be accompanied by shy eyes and a somewhat nervous voice. Unless of course you know the other person very well already.

And then theres the standard, but cheesy, "Would you like to go on a date?". Thats a sure thing of course.

And if you are completely clueless if its a date when you actually are with them, then if they try to hold your hand, pay your way, or kiss you goodnight, then thats definitely a date.

wow, i havent had a date in a long time.

David said...

No clue. Been married toooooo long.

David said...

Not toooo long in a bad way mind you. Tooo long to know the answer to that question.

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

WOW. hmmm. Actually I read this post this morning, but wanted to give myself time to think about it.
A date, is if they ask you to go to a movie, out for drinks or dinner.
On dating sites though, I never considered the first "meeting" a date. If I enjoyed their company and vice versa, and they asked to see me again, the next meeting I classified as a date.
So my definition of a date would be, getting together to enjoy an activity or meal out, or movie, play, bowling, etc.
Now of course I'm curious as to what your girlfriends classify a date. Obviously at 42 years old, my ideas may very well be considered old fashioned.


Mister Hand said...

If a guy has asked you to do something with him all alone, it's a date. It might not be a date to you, but it's a date to the guy. Or at least he's HOPING it's a date. And the hoping, in my opinion, is what classifies it as a non-mutual date. I may ask you to go out with me and you may think it's just "hanging out," but unless you're fat and hideous and considered "one of the guys," it's a date to me. Let's say we work together and I say, "Hey, would you come into my office? I dropped my pen and I need a second pair of eyes to help me look for it." That's a date. It's also sexual harrassment.

The Venus said...

It's been like 15 years since I had to "date" so I'm no expert, but I am old fashioned and I think he needs to ask you out and then pay for it. Then you know it's a date...maybe. Men are confusing these days!

aka senior advisor said...

No doubt -- it was a date!

zerodoll said...

My take was always pretend it's not so you're not as nervous. But if one or the other pays, it's a date.

TamWill said...

My perception of a date is when he approaches you and asks you join him for dinner, movie, play or any event other than lunch and offers to pick you up.

And during or after he may hold your hand, whisper in your ear or give you a kiss.

I know I am out of the dating scene...and I am sure things have changed in the past decade :)

Lisa Ann said...

If one of the parties actively solicts the others company for a specific event, it's a date. Or not. All I know is I haven't had one in a long time!

Lisa Ann said...

If one of the parties actively solicts the others company for a specific event, it's a date. Or not. All I know is I haven't had one in a long time!

queenofsass said...

A date is apparently when a man and woman walk up the aisle.

Every guy I have been with (hubby aside) called it:
1. Friends getting together
2. Just dinner
3. Hooking up
4. Sex
5. (my personal favorite) Massage time

evercurious said...

Having drinks - not a date

Dude picking you up before you know him - not safe

Meeting in a public place and getting to know each other - a date

If you pay for him, not so much a date. Dutch - still kind of a date if you offered.

Basically if he asked you and there are twinges of a spark, it's a date. Just drinks, more of a booty call and just a movie is kind of lame because you don't even get to talk.

Dinner + Drinks or a Movie = Date!

There are more creative dates, but most dudes don't put forth that much effort. The goods ones do. I think.

So, the real question is: Did you have a date recently? Pray tell!

Anonymous said...

I took my now "Girlfriend" on a hike on our second "Date". This was before I even knew she was even attracted to me. I figured any woman willing to trek up to the top of the Santa Monica Mountains just for the view was worth my time. Luckily, I was right!!