The Un-Holiday Month

Did you know that February marks both International Boost Self Esteem Month and International Expect Success Month? These seem like awfully lofty goals for the average single gal at any one point and time, but to encourage two in one month? Geesh!

I will admit that I haven't done my research on either of these international observances. However, I would venture to guess that both International Boost Self Esteem Month and International Expect Success Month were the creation of a MAN. The timing of these observances, alone, tells me this fact. Think about it. No woman in her right mind would ever make February the month to aim for self esteem or expectation boosting. After all, it is among the most dreaded of all months for few simple reasons.

First, February falls in the dead of winter. The weather during this time of year is generally cold and wet making it one of the least tolerable for activity and exercise and most tolerable for mood swings and depression. As a result, by February most of us have long given up on the idea of actually keeping any of our January New Year's resolutions.

Seriously, how many resolutions are you still working toward at this very moment? Have you lost even 5 of that extra 15 pounds? Did you give up smoking? Have you saved any extra cash or paid down that credit card between January 1 and now? If you are anything like me, you're self esteem and expectations for success are at an all-time low by February. And any thinking woman would never bash another person over the head with those failures by promoting International Boost Self Esteem Month and International Expect Success Month in February.

February also has the distinction of being the shortest month of the year even during leap year. If the person who organized these observances was really serious about promoting his agenda, don't you think he would have picked a better month? March or July might have been better choices for boosting both self esteem and expectations. For one, both March and July boast 31 days and nicer weather. And, although there are other holidays in each of those months, there is nothing about either St Patrick's Day or the 4th of July that could possible take away from observing International Boost Self Esteem Month and International Expect Success Month.

This, of course, leads me to the obvious reason why February was the worst choice for International Boost Self Esteem Month and International Expect Success Month-- V-day. I can't even bring myself to say the word right now, but you know exactly which upcoming holiday I refer to with the words V-day. While I realize that a woman should not associate self esteem or success with having a date for V-day, it still happens. Boyfriendless, dateless, single women with absolutely no prospects in the foreseeable future don't want to even think about boosting self esteem and expectations during February. Instead, we want a pity party. We want to eat ourselves into oblivion with the chocolate heart that we purchased for ourselves. Cold, dark, miserable February is the perfect month for doing just this. I for one, plan to keep my February just as it was meant to be, leaving the more lofty goals for March.


JustJunebug said...

i agree with you on the fact that those 2 observances should have fallen somewhere other than february. but would it really matter? does anyone ever pay attention to all those foo-foo observances outside of Black History Month (also this month) or Breast Cancer Awareness month (october)or maybe a few others?..

however reading about your v-day things, just further reiterates the fact that i am obviously too mature (old) to let any of that get me down. all my friends (much younger) however do use v-day dates and having a boyfriend in general as their "reason for living"

hmpft. i didnt have a man last feb, and dont right now either. and i am ok with that! LETS PARTY!

my last big v-day was in 2003 where i was whisked off to new orleans for a weekend during mardi gras at the ritz carlton...

JustJunebug said...

GREAT post by the way!!

Xavierism said...

If you were here, I'd make shure we'd have a great Valentine's Day. I'd suggest a Tapas restaurant and head for a Wine Bar. Ahhhhhhh...YUMMERS! Betty Ford would be so proud of us!

Chocolate...yes. Pity party...no! Simply enjoy the moments. Bring on Happy Hour!


David said...

Well I think you would be a wonderful Valentines! That pink dress, some pink roses, some pink sweethearts. That has Valentines written all over it!

You did leave out a few things about February though that I thought should be brought up. February is also:
Canned Foods Month
Library Lover's Month
National Cat Health Month
National Embroidery Month
National Sign Up for Camp Month
National Snack Food Month
Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month
Sleep Safety Month
Snack Food Month
Sweet Potato Month

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Amen to all of it! As a married woman, I still don't not observe V-day Diane! My husband agrees with me. No Valentines, candy, flowers or cards. Also, I have for decades suggested I was cursed, during the month of February. I've made a few believers along the way too. Probably for some of the reasons you listed right here!

Lofty goals are for March! February, in my estimation, is to be endured. ;-)


utenzi said...

Iagree with you, Diane. When I made a New Year's resolution to lose weight I did it with the provision that I not start until March--and for just the reasons you listed above. January and February just aren't good months to start any project!