My new roomie?

...it's my sister's cat, Katie. She's asked me to take her. I agreed to a trial run. Katie has been with me about 3 days. And, so far, we are cool with each other even though I never thought I was a cat person.

How long before I know whether this should be a permanent arrangement?

Words of widom and experience needed, please!!! I am a virgin cat owner.


Senior Advisor said...

The thing with cats -- it's not your choice whether the relationship continues --it's theirs.

Katie will let you know if your home meets her needs and whether she deems you worthy of her attention.

Cats pick their humans, not the other way around.

Advice from the loving and dutiful human of Pekoe and Sammy.

David said...

Well we have 3 outside cats. They started out as 2 indoor cats, but them jumping up on the counter tops and stuff was about to drive me insane!!! I know they are cats and that is what cats do, but I just didn't like it so out they went. I don't mind having outside cats though, but I am more of a dog person. Cats are just too finicky (sp) for me.

Jamy said...

If you're getting along after three days, I think you have your answer. Katie is not a kitten so she should be pretty easy to live with. It's good to get some toys and play chase with her if she's going to stay inside.

If she starts jumping on counters, a squirt of water from a spray bottle and a "no" will train her off of it.

The Swan said...

I never thought I was a cat person either, now I have two and will never own another dog. Cats are so easy :)

When I got mine it took about 3 days for them to come out and be social, after two weeks she'll probably be sitting on your lap :)

TamWill said...

Katie would pass my test if she did not dig her claws into my furniture.

This is the reason I do not have a cat indoors. I know you can de-claw them but that is dangerous for the cat, they loose their defense tool and ability to climb.

Make sure she has something to claw on besides your stuff :)

utenzi said...

Cats are evil, Diane. Be careful! I'm having difficulty tracking the recent changes. Just thinking of a bald Diane with a cat---wow.

Diane Mandy said...

This coming from the same Utenzi who has a cat on his website??? What up with that? And, speaking of baldness, r u coming for the shaving?

Diane Mandy said...

This coming from the same Utenzi who has a cat on his website??? What up with that? And, speaking of baldness, r u coming for the shaving?

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

I LOVE cats Diane! There are pretty independent creatures, and so beautiful and graceful. Petting my cat as he purrs on my lap, melts all stress away.

I hope you and your new roomie become great and loving friends!


utenzi said...

Many women like cats for some difficult to understand reason so I supply cats. LOL

You might notice none of these cats are owned by me! As for seeing the ceremony at St Baldricks--I don't think I have the ability to see such a thing. You have such pretty hair. *sigh* Of course some of those wigs did look hot on you, Diane! *grin*

Monica said...

As the owner of 4 cats (yeah 4!) 2 legal ones (the inside cats) and 2 strays (the outside cats)... and like most said around here, its their choice not yours ... but as pets cats are easy.. they are self sufficient and nothing beats them purring on you when you have a stressful day. Enjoy it!

Xavierism said...

Love the beaded pillow!!!!