Radio Head

I’m so taken with my new Mac Book that I’ve been hauling it everywhere including to yesterday's hair appointment with stylist extraordinaire, Megan.

Of course, the relationship between a woman and her stylist is precious. I’ve been with Megan for four years. During this time, she has seen me through many a bad relationship (but fortunately not a bad hairstyle), and knows more about me than my own mother. Yesterday’s appointment was our second to last. We felt we had to mark the occasion, and the Mac's built-in camera made it easy.

Just goes to prove the lengths women have to go to in order to look presentable. Until today, only Megan ever saw me like this. Guess we should have kept it that way. But at least during our next visit, I'll leave my Mac at home.


Monica said...

How much are you loving it? I'm the same, I taking mine to my vacation next week... I just cannot part with it... its not only a year old and OMG do I love it so! You will never go back to PC... I promise you.

utenzi said...

That's a nice photo, Diane. Megan looks sweet there but it little like a disembodied head. It's almost like you had two -- in fact there's enough similarity between you that you could be mistaken for sisters. At least it appears that way to me in this picture.

Fabi Yvette said...

Mac, huh? I hear they're the best but have yet to convert...we'll see.

AmyD said...

Not sure how you do it, but you still look adorable with tinfoil in your hair. What's your secret? ;o)

I fully understand mourning over the loss of your stylist...mine moved to Nashville and I've never been the same. I wish I were kidding... Ha!

Tonya Allison said...

You even look cute with foil in your hair...you officially suck! I seem to somehow bump into some hot guy while in that chair that of course I can't flirt with because of my disheveled state =(.