As I review my blog, I realized that while I write about matters in progress from my life, I rarely tell you how the story ends. Here are random updates on some of what I have written to you about.

Faith - My dear friend died of lung cancer the morning of November 1, 2006, a week after she entered the hospice. She insisted that there be no funeral or memorial service in her honor. (I understand this request, as I would feel exactly the same way.) Instead, her family has invited all friends to their home this weekend for a two-day open house as a "celebration of her life". There will be food and dancing and, to Faith's chagrin, more than a few tears.

Chico's Interview - My brother has been told he will know something by today, So far no new is not good news.

The ironing - I still have 20 shirts to iron. Next time, I will not pinch pennies.

The first movie - Max and I never made it to our first movie together thanks to his recent bout with kidney stones.

The Stones - apparently not gone as I once reported. Max's urologist says they are very much there even though he has been pain free for a week. But guess what else has been found?? Gall stones.

Charlie - Still driving me nuts, but we start puppy school this week. Let's hope he doesn't flunk out.

The pimple - Gone. I gave into temptation and popped it.

Ahmed Ali - Flew to Atlanta only to have his case delayed because the government’s attorney didn't remember to bring his file.

Crash - Never called back, not sure what happened.

And for those of you wondering - I still haven't told my parents that I am divorced (as of April 1, 2005), but I think they have their suspicions.


The Daily Randi said...

Love your Update, Diane...

I think it is So Funny that you still have 20 Shirts to Iron! I told Your Story to Totally Awesome Boyfriend (He has Dry Cleaning Issues, too) and he found it Very Amusin when I told him I Am Never Ironing.

Dan-E said...

i'm pretty sure that your 'rents know, but if you really managed to keep that from them all this time, i'm truly impressed. of course, my own parents don't know about the (ex)girlfriend and we met in december.

running42k said...

Excellent recap. It's like those tv shows that show clips of prior episodes but clear up unresolved issues at the end.

David said...

Nice recap! Funny about your parents though. My sister-in-law's parents still don't know she dropped out of college as a sophmore LOL. She is 38 now.

├ůsa said...

Diane! Great to get the update! I appreciate that you don’t leave your readers hanging. You know like cliff hangers at the end of the season for TV shows. I’m not a fan of cliff hangers. I want to know what happened!

Me said...

dayam!Now I am going to have to do all kinds of backreading of archives to figure out the divorce thingy!

Hey, I waited about 3 months before I broke the separation/getting divorced news to my parents. ;)

Desiree said...

I'm also going to have to go back and read that. The divorce update was like a season finale shocker!